RITE - Death I Hear You Calling But I Can’t Come Home Rite Now

Rite - Death I Hear You Calling But I Can’t Come Home Rite Now

9 songs
36:05 minutes
***** *
Multiplatinum / Longfellow Deeds


Founded in the mid-Nineties at the height of the stoner rock epidemic, Finnish quintet Rite started by releasing a whole bunch of demos and an EP, before their debut longplayer saw the light of day in 2002, which was followed four years later by another album. Their third record with the expansive title Death I Hear You Calling But I Can’t Come Home Rite Now came out already two years ago in Finland, but has only now been licensed by the French label Longfellow Deeds for the rest of Europe.

I never understood the hype of the whole stoner movement, which explains my scepticism towards any band still playing this genre more than a decade later. Rite call their music punk rock metal, but what it boils down to is essentially very dirty stoner metal with an unwashed punk attitude. The songs are mostly short, often fast, and seemingly are not interested in subtlety. Only the nearly seven minute long Meanwhile In Hell looks back to the band’s earlier days when they were strongly influenced by Black Sabbath. This purebred doom metal track somehow feels out of place among the eight stoner punk eruptions.

Rite have certainly delivered an entertaining album, but somehow I can’t shake loose the feeling that it comes quite a few years late. If you like your music raw, dirty and unpolished, you might get your money’s worth from this band coming from a small town in Finland. Their songs lack the overproduced varnish of those from the better known stoner rock bands and should therefore still be able to reach their audience.

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