RITI OCCULTI - Riti Occulti

Riti Occulti - Riti Occulti

7 songs
48:42 minutes
***** ****


Riti Occulti consists of two women and three men from the Italian capital city Rome. The band has only been founded in 2011 and has now already released its eponymous debut. The band name hints unabashedly at a product of a darker orientation.

Right with the opener It’s All Grey, we are confronted with sounds that feel as if they came straight from hell. The evil voice sounds like a bad case of laryngitis. Looking at the band photo, it’s hard to believe that this comes from the lovely mouth of a beautiful young woman. The band started as a duo consisting of bass guitar and drums, and this is still recognisable today. They consciously do without guitars, but next to the gloomy rhythm work, they add quite a lot of synthesizer sounds in charge of the lighter moods. The songs have rather quiet structures, and fast parts are hard to find. The recipe is to start calmly and then build upon that, becoming ever more urgent and hypnotic. The music is actually very demanding, but I never felt too strained. It should be no surprise that the lyrics are mainly dealing with black magic.

Even though some of the vocals are very coarse, a second female voice adds clean, operatic vocals. The CD’s masterpiece is Desert Of Soul on which the band is acting even more experimentally than usually by using zither and flutes that make for a mystic and conjuring sound. It probably takes some guts to listen to this spooky music in the dark.

Riti Occulti’s debut album is definitely no easy fare. But if you are in the mood for something truly different, and feel at home with black metal, doom and psychedelia, then you are in for a regular treat. Especially the cold winter days should offer the perfect opportunity to listen to these dark moods.

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