RIUL DOAMNEI - Apocryphal

Riul Doamnei - Apocryphal

11 songs
51:54 minutes
***** **


Strange band name, weird cover artwork and undecipherable lyrics… But don’t worry, once you start listening to the debut longplayer by Italian melodic black metal band Riul Doamnei, you will feel immediately at home if you’re a fan of moderate dark sounds. Everything fits right in place: high shrieked evil vocals, a guitar sound reminding a bit of Eighties speed metal, a tight rhythm section and a keyboard player who does everything possible to add as many different spooky atmospheres as possible. If you like melodic black metal from the North (Dimmu Borgir) or from the West (Cradle Of Filth), then you will be just at east with the South. At times the Italians have an even less extreme approach, leaving room for moderate dark wave and goth rock moments. The lack of corpse paint also leaves an impression that Riul Doamnei are actually more than just a black metal band, although most of the time they follow closely the teachings of the genre.

Apocryphal is a flawless debut album, with impeccable instrumentation and especially varied synth works. A certain lack of innovation and a sometimes too rigid adhering to conventions prevents the album to become more than just a really good, but not exceptional melodic black metal album that you should still give a chance if you dig dark themed music.

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