RIVAL - State Of Mind

Rival - State Of Mind

9 songs
35:02 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


US metal band Rival was formed in Chicago in 1990. Unfortunately for them, the nineties were not a real metal decade. Grunge and nu metal became trendy, so Rival didn't get much attention, although they self-released one self-titled EP and two CDs. They had to wait until 2000 when a German metal magazine reviewed their second CD and put a track on the magazine compilation. Heavy metal made a comeback in the noughties and things were turning better for Rival. After convincing festival gigs in 2002, they were signed by Metal Blade and released their first label album called State Of Mind. Rival play good old fashioned US metal in the line of Jag Panzer, Riot and especially Omen. The main parallel between Rival and their influences are the very melodic vocals which reach more or less the same level. The singer John Johnson can count himself among the best classic metal singers. The instrumentation with fast guitars and a powerful rhythm section is also very good, but Rival's songwriting is nothing exceptional. It doesn't matter that they don't contain any originality, because this has become nowadays very rarely in metal music. I just think that they contain too many instrumental passages which is a shame when there's such a great singer in the band. State Of Mind is a good metal album, but Rival have the potential to do even better.

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