River City Rebels - Hate To Be Loved

12 songs
40:05 minutes
***** ***


The River City Rebels have been formed in 1997 and have now released their fourth album called Hate To Be Loved. I remembered them to be quite a traditional, but playful punk band. The cover artwork looks very glam like and the producer is Syl Sylvain, a former New York Dolls member. The River City Rebels don't deny their punk roots and you will find some real punk songs with a genuine street credibility on this record (I'm So Vain, I Wilt, Glitter And Gold). But on most other songs, they show to be influenced by the Seventies glam movement. The River City Rebels are probably one of the best glam band since Demolition 23 who arose from the ashes of The Hanoi Rocks. Several songs take advantage from the use of trombones. The ska undertone in their punk songs is a clear parallel to the Voodoo Glow Skulls. The River City Rebels are as diverse as they've never been before. There are even two quieter songs on the album: Die Young is a very strange Arthur Brown like psychedelic track and Bloody April is a true ballad. The band has made a huge step forward since their last album two years ago. They are more than just a Clash or Rancid tribute and are more than able to entertain you in a most original punk way.

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