RIVER CITY REBELS - No Good, No Time, No Pride

River City Rebels - No Good, No Time, No Pride

12 songs
29:56 minutes
***** **


The River City Rebels have been around now for a couple of years already, and No Good, No Time, No Pride is already their third output. Listening to their 70ies styled punk rock, it's hard to imagine that these guys are from rural Vermont, but then isn't music truly transcending geography?

RCR are six guys, two of whom are a horn section. Don't worry now, they are not just another ska punk band, but rather use the horns to underlie their music with a certain soulfulness. It's mostly sounding like regular punk rock though, as we all like from the Clash up to Rancid. Compared to their last album Playin' to Live, Livin' to Play, RCR gained a lot of experience and are able this time to come up with some really cool tunes, like the fast opener Such A Bore or No Good, the latter being one of the three title songs, the other ones being - logically - No Time and No Pride.

All in all, this is a surprisingly good album, but still miles away from a cult record like Rancid's And Out Come The Wolves. Classic punk fans should check this one out though.

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