RIVERSIDE - Anno Domini High Definition

Riverside - Anno Domini High Definition

5 songs
44:44 minutes
***** ***
InsideOut / SPV


On their fourth album, Polish progressive rock wizards Riverside had a really good time with the number “4”. The album title consists of 4 words, and the running time of 44 minutes and 44 seconds couldn’t have been more fitting. Yet it took them 5 songs, getting longer from track to track, to reach this length.

Anno Domini High Definition has become a concept album about urgency and stress and the ensuing chaos that has become an everyday symptom of many adults in today’s performance-based society. The four initial letters of the album title thus spell ADHD, commonly known as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

To set the tone, the opener is titled Hyperactivity, even though it starts with quiet piano sounds. This is followed by the band showing itself from a so far unusual heavy side. Especially the retro organ reminds of Deep Purple. The following Driven To Destruction is more complex, with the faster parts reminding of Rush, and the mellower ones of Porcupine Tree, which was often the case in Riverside’s past. Egoist Hedonist ranges from the atmospheric to the psychedelic, and the succeeding Left Out is by far the quietest track on the CD. The album ends with Hybrid Times, a quite progressive piece with a couple of great hectic moments.

Riverside deserve a lot of praise for their new album. Although the songs are mostly quite long, they never contain any tedious stretches. The material is full of ideas and even manage to sound exciting during the calmer moments. Not wanting to restrict themselves of warming up prog stereotypes, the Poles have crafted something which is much more than just a copy of popular prog titans. Anno Domini High Definition will definitely let them a huge step forward in the progressive music league.

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