RIVERSIDE - Rapid Eye Movement

Riverside - Rapid Eye Movement

9 songs
55:50 minutes
***** ****


Poland is a major export country for polka and death metal bands. But they also have a very promising prog rock band called Riverside who were supporting Dream Theater on their spring tour. I still have good memories of their amazing show in Luxemburg.

Riverside just released their third CD Rapid Eye Movement, concluding the trilogy started with Out Of Myself (2003) and continued with Second Life Syndrome (2005). The fact that Riverside are no Dream Theater copy distinguishes them from many other prog bands. In the past, they were compared to Porcupine Tree, and Second Life Syndrome wasn't as exciting as their live performance. The improvement on Rapid Eye Movement is remarkable, with the band having attained a better and more diverse sound than their former influence. The album contains complex tracks like the great opener Beyond The Eyelids and my favourite Cybernetic Pillow which show how dynamic prog rock has to sound. Rainbow Box, the band's most rocking song, is another highlight. My general impression is that their sound has become darker and more atmospheric than in the past. Songs like 02 Panic Room, Schizophrenic Prayer and Parasomnia are rather atmospheric and although they contain a lot of calmer parts, there are never any boring moments. The album ends with the thirteen minute epic Ultimate Trip, a song which justifies its title and immerses you into a high number of different moods.

Rapid Eye Movement is Riverside's most mature album yet, and has catapulted the band to the top of the European progressive rock scene. The album contains a lot of different moods like anger, sadness, melancholy,... that begs you to listen to it without a break.

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