Rob & The Pinhole Stars / Björn Kleinhenz - Split-EP

6 songs
26:46 minutes
***** ** / ***** ****
Mi Amante / Black Star Foundation

Rob & The Pinhole Stars / Björn Kleinhenz

This EP is a collaboration by two slower bands from different countries that are signed to two different labels.

The CD starts with Rob & The Pinhole Stars from Germany. They are two guys who create minimalist sounds balancing somehow between electronica and songwriting. The first two tracks High Society and Monsters are two mellow indie pop songs slightly reminiscent of The Notwist. Their last track Petrified is a ballad that can't keep the high level of the two previous songs. Nevertheless, their mix of calm music and shy vocals is very promising.

Even if Rob & The Pinhole Stars were quite ok, Björn Kleinhenz from Sweden knows how to top this easily. His music is very relax, too, but it contains no electronical elements. He's a pure acoustic singer/songwriter who often gets compared to Kristofer Aström. His pop songs with a folky touch make me think of Badly Drawn Boy, especially because of his darker voice. That was my opinion about his first song Brave Hearts. Sticks In The Stream is calmer but also his least good song. Finally the album ends with a real highlight: on Something Good, a real fragile yet sweet and mercury-rev-ish song, he gets support by a female singer.

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