ROB ROCK - Eyes Of Eternity

Rob Rock - Eyes Of Eternity

9 songs
51:54 minutes


Rob Rock has given himself a good metal name by being the singer of M.A.R.S. in the Eighties and of Impelleteri in the Nineties. Eyes Of Eternity is, after Rage Of Creation, Bob Rock's second solo CD. The opener Rock The Earth suits its title very well and is rocking straight ahead. Hymnic vocals and guitars knowing no speed limits are pushing this song forward. The next song Stranglehold is my favourite one and reminds me quite a lot of late Eighties fast guitar metal la Cacophony. But my general impression is that the album is showing a leak of highlights and that nearly everything on it has already been heard a thousand times before. Especially The Everlasting or Rage Of Creation are quite hollow from the musical point of view. I'm not the biggest melodic power metal fan on Earth and I don't doubt that Rob Rock shouldn't be able to play that kind of music, but I wonder how the fans should still know what to choose in the whole mass of power metal outputs. So far, I prefer watching Bob the Builder to listening to Rob the Rocker.

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