ROCKET 350 - American Grease

Rocket 350 - American Grease

13 songs
41:52 minutes
***** **


If you liked the rockabilly sound of the late fifties and miss the revival done by the Stray Cats, Rocket 350 may be the ideal solution to you. Retro feelings and nostalgia are combined in such an authentic way that you think a time machine has pushed you nearly 50 years back into the past. Already the album title mixes the name of two cult movies about that era: 'American Graffiti' and 'Grease'. Imagine Elvis-influenced vocals, a surf rock guitar and a stand-up bass to create this retro style. Diversion is also a subject on this CD. The opener That's Life is one of the fastest and most distorted songs on the record. She's Gone and Lonely Rock'n'Roll Nights are two ballads and prove that Rocket 350 are also able to slow down considerably. My favourite track is Six Gun which contains some Mexican influences. The lyrics are about rock'n'roll, girls and alcohol: typical rebel themes from the past. What Rocket 350 play is not exactly my favourite kind of music, but I think that their intentions got fulfilled on this CD which sounds like a soundtrack for the first 'Back To The Future' movie.

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