THE ROCKET - The Rocket

The Rocket - The Rocket

11 songs
36:25 minutes
***** ***


The Rocket from Belgium have only been recently founded by former members of Gino’s Eyeball and Skyrocket John. Furthermore The Rocket is also the second band of the vocalist in Second Base who are also signed to Funtime Records. Here he is in charge of the guitar and backing vocals. The band plays on their debut wonderful melodic punk rock that makes the sun shine even when the weather’s crappy outside.

They are very clearly inspired by the second half of the Nineties, with their fun emanating music reminding strongly of Blink 183, No Fun At All,… The list could go on and on, and even though one can accuse The Rocket of lacking originality, this shouldn’t really be a complaint in this present case. They have such an easygoing and uncomplicated approach to their music that listening has to be a pleasant experience. The songs contain the flair of the Nineties pop punk scene and could even work as a soundtrack for an indie college movie or an arcade racer game. Even the keyboards don’t disturb and add another melodic component. There is an undeniable commercial appeal, with such a catchy touch that you want to sing along already during your first time into the album. I especially like the slightly melancholic Tommy Teabag and the good humoured Perfect Landing. There is no single weak moment as every item comes with its own class. The Rocket even cover Boom Boom Boom Boom, making wickedly fun of the Dutch euro pop band Venga Boys.

It’s just a shame that the album ends already after a good half hour. Those who are into classical melodic punk – a genre not so fashionable these days anymore – will find their luck with The Rocket.

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