ROCK TIGERS - Come On, Let's Go

Rock Tigers - Come On, Let's Go

12 songs
43:31 minutes
***** **


What a lovely rock'n'roll album the debut by The Rock Tigers from South Korea is. The band consists of four greasy rockers and a really sweet girl clothed in an amazing leather outfit. Although the Rock Tigers' musical side is less amazing and convincing, it is however quite entertaining. The music industry in Asia isn't as developed as it is in Europe or in the United States (well, that's my very personal opinion), and it seem as if the Rock Tigers are somehow stuck in the sixties. They play a combination of rock and pop elements with a strong retro touch. On the album, you find some rockabilly stuff, some good old boogie woogie and sometimes even a bit of glam. The music could be part of cult movies like Grease or Eis am Stiel. Most songs are in Korean so I can't tell you the titles. The two only English tracks are called Leather Bike Jacket Boy and Sex Machine. I just hope that the Rock Tigers don't take themselves too seriously. This record may be considered as a comedy act, but not as anything else.

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