Roger Miret and the Disasters - Gotta Get Up Now

13 songs
31:40 minutes
***** ***
People Like You


The hardcore scene wouldn’t be the same with Roger Miret whose band Agnostic Front has been a legend for over three decades. A few years ago, he has started flirting with the punk rock scene. His band The Disasters have a more easygoing sound and gives the impression as if he has another playground to let steam off.

Gotta Get Up Now is already the fourth longplayer by Roger Miret and the Disasters, and not much has changed compared to its predecessors. Not that anyone would have expected that. The short running time of only half an hour show that the thirteen tracks are rocking uncomplicatedly straightforward without losing any time on unnecessary details. Despite the fact that Roger Miret is a pioneer of the New York hardcore scene, he has an undeniable fondness for British punk bands like The Clash and Cock Sparrer. Like in the past you get some faster tracks that could be deemed street punk, but the wonderful punk hymns whose choruses animate to sing along aren’t lacking either.

Roger Miret shouldn’t need any introductory words. Those who liked his music already in the past will know what to expect of Gotta Get Up Now, an album with a more than fitting title.

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