ROOTWATER - Visionism

Rootwater - Visionism

15 songs
60:25 minutes
***** ***


To simply reduce Rootwater as the Polish answer to System Of A Down doesn’t do them justice, although it gives us already quite a good point to start describing their music. The quintet from Warsaw which started in 2002 is now back with its third longplayer Visionism. It takes some gut to put one hour of music on a record, but when you’re so open for all kinds of music, it shouldn’t really be a problem to catch your audience’s attention from beginning to end.

Once we have made it through a nearly three minute long intro, the fun starts with the regular opener Venture which gives a neat impression of the band’s sound. Rooted in thrash metal, the track doesn’t hide its Nineties crossover influences, smartly concocting a heavily rocking tune full of unexpected twists and turns. The chorus is quite melodic in a certain Faith No More Fashion, and the break midway through has a weirdly grooving quality halfway between Primus and Zappa. The following tracks continue this refreshing crossovering, never satisfied with just using the same old patterns, but surprising the listener again and again with the most different ideas, ranging from electro over symphonic metal to folk. The latter is best highlighted with the album’s bonus track Haydamaka which adds a jazzy twist to its otherwise purest Balkan folk metal sound.

System Of A Down may well have been the band that made Eastern influences in metal acceptable for the masses, but Rootwater still live in an Eastern country, which even adds to their credibility. Their singer may not be as charismatic as Serj Tankian, but Rootwater make up for this with their seemingly endless well of ideas. Visionism is an album where the title makes absolutely sense, and should enchant every open-minded metal fan unafraid of challenging their ears with a sizzling cocktail of crossover metal that might leave you dizzy but certainly not disappointed.

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