ROSEBUD - The Pillow Mountain

Rosebud - The Pillow Mountain

13 songs
52:15 minutes
***** ***
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Rosebud, a female alternative pop trio from Switzerland, were formed in 1994. After having won a national newcomer contest, Rosebud released their first CD in the year 2000 and got good reviews everywhere. Two years later, the second output The Pillow Mountain has been released. Although I don't have the possibility to compare it to the debut, I have to admit that Rosebud have a perfect sense for sweet melodies on each song on the CD. Although they may be described as a more or less mellow band (they have nothing to do with rock music), their songs can never be classified as cheesy. I prefer the expression serious adult pop music, but hope that this doesn't sound too old. The fact that the three ladies are writing their songs themselves shows that they should be taken more seriously than most of the so called pop icons. They are playing wonderful dreamy music which you can listen to in nearly every opportunity.

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