ROSEMARY - Tracks For A Lifetime

Rosemary - Tracks For A Lifetime

8 songs
24:31 minutes
Minimal Chords


Rosemary are a busy band from the French Alps. There have been already nine releases since 2000, even if most of them were just EPs, which is also the case for Tracks For A Lifetime. Combining elements of punk rock and post grunge, Rosemary’s main influence seem to be the pre-major works of Nirvana. Rosemary have a rather heavy approach towards their music. The songwriting is intentionally kept at a simple level, the production isn’t clean at all and the simple fact of hitting occasionally wrong notes doesn’t disturb too much.

If you are not a perfectionist, you may find some pleasure in selected tracks: Oh No More, Blast Stance and God Only Face aren’t too bad for primitive punk rock music. Nose Dropping, sounding like early Nineties Henry Rollins, has a promising start, but the terrible guitar solo at the end is spoiling everything. The inability of playing successful guitar solos unfortunately returns on several songs. Further blackouts are the calmer Neither Do I which is too unspectacular, the clumsy Promise, Swear and the constant repetition which starts to annoy after about a quarter of an hour.

Tracks For A Lifetime is an absolute lo-fi production and I don’t think that the musicians have too high ambitions as this CD is sounding like a debut which was released too early and not like the ninth record of a band. Rosemary probably just like jamming around and releasing the results on CD. If you like simple punk rock, you can check them out, but I can’t bear it longer than a few songs.

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