ROSS THE BOSS - New Metal Leader

Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader

11 songs
48:20 minutes
***** ***


Ross The Boss is a pioneer of the heavy metal scene. Ironically his first entry into music was as the co-founder of the legendary rock’n’roll proto-punk band The Dictators. He is best known though for being the guitarist for Manowar in the Eighties and releasing with them six of their most essential albums. After his departure from the metal kings in 1988, he has been active in other bands, but New Metal Leader is the first album released under his own name. His backing band comes from the German Manowar tribute band Men Of War, with two of them now playing with Ivory Knight.

After a classical intro that could as well have come from an early Manowar album, the opener Blood Of Knives, for which a video clip has been produced, offers everything you expect from this band: muscular power metal with the necessary portion of melody and catchiness, and even a slight amount of pathos. The next two pieces more or less follow that pattern, before the album veers into a different direction. Plague Of Lies has a strong Eighties US metal touch, May The Gods Be With You has strong party appeal. Both are from one of Ross The Boss’ other bands (to quote him: “every band needs me in it!”) Brain Surgeons with former Blue Öyster Cult drummer Albert Bouchard. These tracks have received new arrangements. Other highlights are the dark Constantine’s Sword which reminds me a little of Judas Priest and the dramatic Matador which shows parallels to early Savatage.

Manowar fans should of course like New Metal Leader. The fact that Ross The Boss refuse to sound like a Manowar clone is laudable and should be reason enough to make this CD accessible to a broader range of metalheads. Time will tell if New Metal Leader is the start of a new career of just a one-off. Let’s hope for the former!

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