Royal McBee Corporation - Due

4 songs
15:46 minutes
***** **


Coming from a suburb of Paris, French drum and bass duo Royal McBee Corporation deliver some hefty noise rock on their EP Due and prove that you can sound fierce even without a guitarist in your midst. The record starts with the nearly six minute long Shame whose sludgy rhythm builds incredible tension. The middle part sees the two musicians slow things down in pace and volume before the cataclysmic end prepares the ground for the following tracks. The two middle songs are each less than three minutes long and give the duo opportunity to speed things up. The bass guitar is nicely distorted which helps to fill the gap of the absent guitar, the drums are busily laying down unbridled beats, while the vocalist is screaming in his best noise rock manner.

Whenever Royal McBee Corporation keep things more moderate, there is even a certain stoner rock edge to their music, making a pleasant counterpoint to their otherwise noisier parts. Don’t expect any subtleties though, because these guys are intent on creating hefty, spur of the moment music, relying more on its sheer power than on virtuoso execution. But it’s this spontaneous attitude that makes their record eventually a successful exercise in noise.

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