RSJ - Gain To Nothing

RSJ - Gain To Nothing

16 songs
61:41 minutes
***** **
Hangmans Joke


They look ultra-trendy: lots of tattoos, big piercings, emo haircuts and an attitude that is basically screaming at you to become a rock start. Fortunately their music has more punch than their promo pictures. British rockers RSJ offer an appealing brand of modern groove noise metal with some math components on their second longplayer Gain To Nothing. An unspectacular three-letter band name and an equally uninspiring cover artwork made it hard for me even to want to play the album, but once you got it started, Gain To Nothing surprises with complex songwriting that combines aggressive groove attacks from the Meshuggah school with contemporary metalcore elements and the occasional melodic moments.

It’s hardly anything new, but RSJ are fresh enough to make you forgive and forget their lack of originality. Their technical abilities are on a high enough level, and the production charges also full speed ahead. The songwriting is a bit angular at times, but mathy noise core practically demands for that. And because a regular ten track album wouldn’t be enough to prevail in modern music society, the label added two live tracks (dismissible, in my opinion) and four highly interesting remixes that highlight an entirely different face of the band.

RSJ move between metalcore and math tech and succeed thus in never feeling like mere followers of a movement, and even if Gain To Nothing could have taken advantage from sometimes more transparent songwriting, it is a long and entertaining endeavour that fans of extreme metal should definitely keep an eye on.

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