RUDES - Elevator Up

Rudes - Elevator Up

13 songs
40:23 minutes
***** **
My Redemption


The Rudes are a German rock/punk band that was founded and has been playing since then with the same line-up. Their self-released debut Time To Scrabble came out in 2007. Four years later they are back with its successor Elevator Up on the small independent label My Redemption.

The Rudes play very classic dirty rock, always kept quite simple and totally spontaneous. Comparisons to bands like Turbonegro, Supersuckers, Gluecifer and Hellacopters are in order. Most tracks are played at a brisk pace without sounding overly brutal, as the melodic component is never neglected. Vocalist Flo has a smoky, spent voice that fits perfectly to the music. I especially like the punk hymn Thanx and the two quieter pieces Not Like Anyone and Amazing which both remind me a little of Hüsker Dü. Wasted is maybe a little to kitschy, but those who like Fifties tinged rock will also like that track.

Elevator Up has turned out to be a very entertaining album, but one shouldn’t forget that there are countless Scandinavian and American bands which have made this kind of timeless rock music popular already years ago. I doubt that the Rudes can can yet stand their ground to this overwhelming competition, but their new album is without a doubt a great way to pass your time.

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