RUINER - Prepare To Be Let Down

Ruiner - Prepare To Be Let Down

12 songs
21:15 minutes
***** ***
Bridge Nine


Twelve songs in twenty-one minutes should be self-explanatory enough that this CD doesn’t deserve any further explanation. Ruiner from the state of Maryland are a young hardcore band that has rediscovered on its first full-length (ok, that term is really a bit stretched here) album the charm of early Eighties hardcore. Starting with a one minute long instrumental, the band immediately shows that they can pack a lot of power into short tracks, making Bottom Line: Fuck You a not even half minute long grenade of a song. From here on, they continue with their no-holds-barred hardcore storm, rarely transcending the two minute border except on the last track Kiss That Motherfucker Good Night, which has an epic length of three minutes and is followed by two minutes of hidden bonus track, probably only to get the album longer than twenty minutes.

Prepare To Let Down is purest hardcore, at no moment sucking up to the annoying metalcore hype, and reminds me of a contemporary interpretation of Minor Threat aesthetics. But as great and entertain this may be for a debut, I still find it a bit daunting to ask for this EP sized record the same price as for a regular album. But then you will know that Prepare To Let Down will do many things to you, but certainly not let you down.

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