Rumble In Rhodos - Intentions

8 songs
41:58 minutes
***** **
Black Balloon


Intentions, the second album from Oslo indie rockers Rumble In Rhodos, combines straightforward alternative rock with virtuoso math rock, and adds a dose of post punk and new wave for danceability, ending up in forty-two minutes of modern rock music that will certainly find its fan-base. Not unlike At The Drive In and …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, the Norwegians have on the one hand hit the sign of the times, but on the other hand, Intentions doesn’t sound as innovative as it would have sounded, had it come about five years earlier.

That doesn’t prevent the musicians from being excellent artists, crafting songs so full of ideas that they rarely are shorter than five minutes. Only Flavoured Envy has a more airplay friendly length of only four minutes, and it’s telling that this track shows the band from their more accessible side. More of this would certainly not have disturbed me.

Rumble In Rhodos like to challenge their audience, and you should bring enough patience to unlock all the secrets of this very taxing record. Intentions has become a far above average affair, but eventually I would have liked a sometimes straighter approach, which would have made initial access easier and probably also increased the dynamic momentum of the album. Fans of the aforementioned artists should nonetheless give this highly talented band a fair chance.

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