RUNNING WILD - The Brotherhood

Running Wild - The Brotherhood

10 songs
50:17 minutes

It's unbelievable that Running Wild belong to the oldest German metal bands. Already founded in 1981 they have now released their 12th studio album called The Brotherhood. Compared to its predecessor Victory, there haven't been too many changes. Although band leader Rock'n'Rolf has changed all the members of Running Wild, he still keeps his hands on the pirates and costumes outfit. But don't expect musical revolutions from these old pirates. As it has often been the case in the past, Running Wild play a kind of solid hard rock combined with traditional metal elements. The guitar work is excellent and you can even see some parallels to Gary Moore, but doesn't this music belong to the past? My favourite track is the instrumental Siberian Winter which also contains some Russian folk parts. Another interesting track is The Pirate Song, probably a parody of Running Wild about themselves. But that isn't enough to make an entire album entertaining. Unfortunately they don't have anymore the necessary kicks to let it rock. But that's just my opinion, and Running Wild are still very popular in Germany, Scandinavia and some South European countries.
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