SAALSCHUTZ - Das ist nicht mein Problem

Saalschutz - Das ist nicht mein Problem

11 songs
48:16 minutes
***** **
What's So Funny About


Saalschutz are DJ Flumroc and DJ M T Dancefloor, two crazy guys from Zurich, Switzerland. Their album Das ist nicht mein Problem is rather weird, to say the least. Beginning with the cover, a simple listing of the song titles, to the music and finally the lyrics. Although I was expecting something more dee-jay-y, the music on this album points straight into the pop genre, with abundant use of Eighties sounding synthesizers and occasional late-70s disco effects, true to the spirit of "Jubel, Trubel, Discokugel", a quote that proves that Saalschutz always keep a sense of humour and a wicked habit of self-referencing while paying tribute to a music which was never really as good as the media wants to make us believe these days. Fortunately, Saalschutz are more than a simple 80s clone, but can rather be compared at times to Air (as on the opener Meine kleine Popmusik) or to Dat Politics, showing a strong French influence on their music. That's why it is no surprise that they have a pure bred French pop song, SMS d'amour. The songwriting is extremely simple but at the same time also often very infectious: 19, 9 & 90 but especially the driving Mein Pop Dein Pop are perfect examples of straight synth pop. Where 80s bands never seemed able to work without a certain amount of pathos (remember Visage, Human League?), Saalschutz put their money on a fun sense of humour which is too rare in today's music. The regular songs are played on synths and drum computers alone, with some kind of German spoken word lyrics, although the hidden bonus track is a pure bred (and extremely badly rendered) folk song, but hey, this is exactly what you wouldn't have expected at the end of this album. What remains are forty fun minutes of trashy electro pop that should find its audiences in this age.

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