Sad Eyed Lemurs - Khoc Nurc No

9 songs
51:24 minutes
***** ***


Mert Basaran is to Turkey what Jandek is to Texas. Keeping a low profile, but releasing album after album under the name Sad Eyed Lemurs, Khoc Nurc No is this year's second solo album, although we shouldn't dismiss the two band efforts, making this already the fourth release for this year.

Again like Jandek, we have come to expect a trademark sound, that always surprises with slight innovations. So this new CD starts with the rather melodic title track, carried by a sad piano melody, with a threatening mood underneath. The following Flowers You Were Wearing is another piano piece, shifting between melancholic love song and a dirge. Tell A Vision is an interesting long soundscape, as if coming from one of those weird early Seventies sci-fi movies. Moona is a bit more subdued and somewhat less interesting. Three short songs prepare you finally for the two heart-pieces of the album. Tears And The Happy Days is an experimental proto-industrial tour de force, with its ten minutes certainly not for the faint-hearted, but the concluding twelve minute epic Gug, we get a new side of Sad Eyed Lemurs, delving into the murky depths of free jazz. I am not an expert at this genre, but it seems deftly done. An inventive way to finish one more Sad Eyed Lemurs album.

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