SAD EYED LEMURS - Sonic Picture

Sad Eyed Lemurs - Sonic Picture

20 songs
96:38 minutes
***** ****


I don't believe it: Sad Eyed Lemurs is starting to become commercial. The new collection of songs, a triple CD self-burned album, is their first one to have a title, Sonic Picture, and although it's, next to the regular albums and the EPs, their most far reaching to date, it is certainly also their most accessible one. The third (bonus) CD comes with a couple of revealing video clips, where especially warduewant, the opener of the first CD, is a beautifully done work of video collages. It also shows the man behind Sad Eyed Lemurs, still one of the most enigmatic bands not only from their native Istanbul, Turkey, but probably even from the whole wide world.

There's also more and more songs that come with English song titles, with the so far dominating fantasy language retreating. The music is still Sad Eyed Lemurs, although there have been some compromises for the better, with subdued vocals laid over the atmospheric music that seems to be done on a laptop computer, although SEL's music is miles away from your common laptop rock bands. Electronics are used sparsely, mostly as floating keyboard carpets and the occasional beat. The musical framework consists of strangely detuned electric guitar, moody keyboards and assorted percussion, creating a very organic sound that invites you dream and dive into the strange sonic universe of Sad Eyed Lemurs. There are no pop songs on this album, but some pieces actually have a very accessible structure, making the two CDs of Sonic Picture ideal for friends of experimental indie music (not wanting to call it post rock). Sad Eyed Lemurs is one of the busiest projects, I have already a bunch of their CDs, all released in the last two or three years, but their outputs never cease to amaze me. These albums are probably really hard to come by, considering the low profile SEL even keep on the Internet, but you won't regret having it once you get your hands on it. Recommended!

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