SADOMUNDO - Standards Of Pain

SadoMundo - Standards Of Pain

12 songs
49:04 minutes
***** **


Italy is widely known for its fine culture of underground horror cinema. This also spawned a bunch of artists specialising in music that give the scary movies the fitting soundtrack. Most popular are doubtlessly Goblins who began in the Seventies and recorded for Dario Argento and George A. Romero. SadoMundo can of course not yet compete with these pioneers, but the Italian three-piece is also quite apt at manufacturing spooky atmospheres.

SaduMundo have released a couple of CDr on different small labels since 2005, although it took the care of Harold Nono to get my attention on their newest record Standards Of Pain. The Scottish composer is featured on two of the more melodic tracks, starting with the seven minute opener Sombre which gradually builds suspense over its epic length. Chilly dark wave moods set the background for dark subdued vocals, making a promising start into a fifty minute excursion where song material and experimental sound collages more or less hold the balance.

The soundscapes may not be up to everyone’s taste, but are helpful in giving Standards Of Pain unexpected twists and turns that set it apart from more regular song based horror albums. The actual songs may not be instantly accessible, but nevertheless fully develop their power after repeated listening. On Nuda Per Satana, you might even mistake the vocalist for Glenn Danzig, another artist with a strong love for the art of darkness.

Standards Of Pain is by no means an easy listening experience, and sometimes the rather noisy interstices really do try your patience, but once you have made it through the entire album, which ends with the seven and a half minute long hypnotic piece The Blind, you will understand that everything made perfect sense on this astonishing bona fide soundtrack for a movie which probably has not been made yet. Fans of horror movies with an interest in the music behind the pictures will have a splendid time with SadoMundo who invite their audience to close their eyes and make up movies of the mind.

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