SAGA - Marathon

Saga - Marathon

11 songs
51:28 minutes
***** **
Steamhammer / SPV


I first heard Saga at the tender age of 9 when their hit songs On The Loose and Wind Him Up were jumpstarting the then still young phenomenon of music television. 14 years later, I had another brief encounter with their Pink Floydish album Generation 13, when they also played a concert in Luxembourg. Now, again 8 years later, I am listening to Saga's newest CD Marathon and wonder how much time has gone.

Saga released their debut 25 years ago, but still sound quite ok, condering how other bands (Genesis, Uriah Heep,...) manage to become a parody of themselves. Marathon is - as a matter of fact - exactly the album I would have expected from this band. Long gone are the experiments of Generation 13, the songs all have compact lengths of mostly under 5 minutes, and the sound is a combination of light prog, hard rock and arena sounds. Already the opener and title track show exactly what I mean. Even if Saga don't look too fresh anymore, they don't sound much different from when I heard them first. They only suck really bad when they try to play ballads like Breathing Lessons or Blind Side Of The Heart which make you want to skip to the next track.

Of course if you have never liked their music before, you won't even have had to read this review, but anybody who liked their early work and who's also into other light prog bands like Kansas or Asia can't do anything wrong by purchasing this album.

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