SAID AND DONE - Endless Roads

Said And Done - Endless Roads

6 songs
18:35 minutes
***** **


Said And Done are a bunch of kids from the Netherlands whose only ambition is to play hardcore music. Their lyrics range from the personal to the political, without every going into academic depths, yet always retaining a clarity of message that many other bands presume by mistake to have. A closer inspection reveals that the shadow of the NYHC legend Cro-Mags’ is omnipresent. At first I thought it was only my impression, but a look at Said And Done’s Myspace page had them listed at the very top of their influences.

When you play regular hardcore music, it’s probably next to impossible to sound truly original, but Said And Done maybe should consider to work a little harder to emancipate themselves stylistically. When it comes to songwriting, things are on the brighter side again. Mostly feeling at home in mid-tempo territories, the band grooves though rocking material which is topped by powerful yet melodic vocals, leaving room for the occasional guitar solo, showing thus that traditional hard rock elements can also find their way into their music.

Endless Roads is the successor to last year’s debut longplayer Everyday, and again it is released on CD and on vinyl, although the latter have to make do with two songs less, due to the limited storage space on a 7”-EP. This also means that you miss out on Isolation, a slightly longer song that sees the band developing in a more mature direction. Even though Said And Done are still too close to the source material, I somehow feel that there is a lot of potential here, and I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys would very soon find their own niche of timeless hardcore music.

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