SAINT ETIENNE - Finisterre

Saint Etienne - Finisterre

12 songs
47:47 minutes
***** ****
Beggars Banquet


After a baby break which lasted two years, Saint Etienne have come back with their sixth album called Finisterre. Again they succeeded to mix the finest British pop sounds of the sixties with contemporary dance and trip hop rhythms. They define their style themselves as indie-dance which is a quite good description. This doesn't mean that every song on the CD is sounding the same. No, the sounds flow from pop to rap to house. The title track for instance is a spoken word rap accompanied by an electronic background. My favourite tracks are however the more melodic ones like the opener Action, a pure pop song. The CD also contains more rhythmic songs like Amateur and a beautiful instrumental (Language Lab) where you can even hear some mellotron. Everyone who can appreciate honest pop music and is open to electronic sounds will adore the latest Saint Etienne output.

By the way, Saint Etienne chose their name from one of the best French football team in the late 80ies, when Saint Etienne were formed.

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