SAN DIMAS - San Dimas

San Dimas - San Dimas

13 songs
53:02 minutes
***** **


San Dimas from Switzerland were founded in 1993 under the name Mud Slick and released a few classic hard rock records. After a few line up changes, they changed the name and the style and released in 2002 the first San Dimas CD called Drowning which was quite experimental. Now it's time for their second CD which cares less about electronic sounds, but concentrates more on traditional values and can be placed somehow between modern rock and nu metal. Their sound is quite unique and it's more than difficult to find parallels to other bands. When San Dimas rock, they sound a bit like a light version of Linkin Park, but sometimes there are also similarities to Pyogenesis who also were very special before turning to pop music. There are of course some more mellow and calmer tracks on this CD (For You, Vicious Circle, Soon), but the rest is more rock and independent orientated, without turning into more extreme parts. As San Dimas are not tuned into only one genre, listening to this album is a rather diverse experience, although I would have liked to discover harder passages in their songs. But it's possible that this album has the potential to reach a huge audience which may appreciate their music because it's quite moderate.

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