SANKT OTTEN - Morgen wieder lustig

Sankt Otten - Morgen wieder lustig

11 songs
48:31 minutes
***** **


Founded in 2000, Sankt Otten was initially the solo project of Stephan Otten who used to be in the obscure noise rock band The Bugs Know Best. Joined soon by Pendikel members Oliver Klemm on guitar and Carsten Sandkämper on vocals, the debut Eine kleine Traurigkeit was released. The vocalist quit, leaving Sankt Otten a duo which continued issuing albums on small labels. Morgen wieder lustig is their fourth record, published on Denovali Records who decided to release it on CD and vinyl, both coming in special hand-stitched cloth packaging.

The band leader may have a rock background, and Pendikel are really big into artful indie rock, yet Sankt Otten aim for something completely different. The songs have funny titles (Mit Popcorn und Champagner, Lustig lutig demain encore lustig, Unser Mann für das Happy End,…), but the music couldn’t be more introspective. Stephan Otten is in charge of the programming and the beats, while Oliver Klemm’s guitar adds warm textures. The beats are very discreet throughout the album, underlining the mellow nature of the music. Moving far beyond the trivial structures of the mainstream, Sankt Otten could best be described as a less focused Air with a preference for soundtrack atmospheres.

Morgen wieder lustig is certainly not a funny album that instead of offering catchy tunes is more concerned with building moods that accompany the listener through a fifty minute journey of warm synthesizer music that tells a story without needing words.

In times where more and more people decide to limit the listening experience to digital music files, an original artwork will help of course sway potential customers to spend their money on the product. Sankt Otten have managed to come up with a record that projects movies into your mind. Morgen wieder lustig develops its magic provided you give it your undivided attention, making this clearly unsuitable for those in search of a quick snack.

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