Sarah Jezebel Deva - A Sign Of Sublime

9 songs
38:04 minutes
***** **


A Sign Of Sublime may only be the first solo album by Sarah Jezebel Deva, but the artist is anything but a newcomer in the metal scene. Currently in her thirties, she gather already experience as vocalist in popular bands like Cradle Of Filth, Therion, Graveworm, Mortiis, Mystic Circle and many more.

After the somewhat overdone intro, the British singer presents the CD’s title track for which she also had a video done. Combining gothic metal with powerful metal beats, with strong keyboards underneath, her strong voice and the skilful songwriting set the pace. The following She Stands Like Stone comes with a rock feeling with everything it takes to become another single edit. Next up are the album’s two highlights. The Devil’s Opera does its title justice by oscillating between opera and musical. The dramatic They Called Her Lady Tyranny even features an unexpected rap part. The second half of the CD offers rather classic melodic gothic metal, which isn’t bad either, but definitely not as innovative as the previous half. A Newborn Failure convinces with its hypnotic vibe, although the piano ballad Daddy’s Not Coming Home may be a nice conclusion to the album, but hardly sets any accents.

Sarah Jezebel Deva has created with A Sign Of Sublime a record with lots of great moments, but the short running time and the weaker second half leave the impression that it came out too soon. Those who followed Ms. Deva’s past with interest will definitely be excited by her debut, and definitely not only because of her imposing voice.

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