SATANIC ANGEL - Raping Christ

Satanic Angel - Raping Christ

6 songs
28:06 minutes
***** **


Raping Christ is a rather ambivalent release. Let's start with the bad. The production is not even worthy of a minor demo release, and you wonder how something like this can happen on a record label when unsigned bands often release better sounding albums. Another minor point of criticism are the lyrics, which are so unabashedly anti-Christian that even I as an Atheist think the band goes too far. Criticism against and mockery of the Church can also be done in a much smarter and less graphic way, as countless bands have shown before.

Underneath the mushy production, after having dismissed two unnecessary intros or outros, you are left with four progressive death metal songs that aim at the same level of perfection than Necrophagist, the uncontested masters of the genre at the moment. Maybe one reason for the weird sound is the fact that the album has been completely recorded by Phil Williams himself, although there are three further members to the band when they play live. His musical vision is excellent though, combining the hatred and ferocity of death metal with a symphonic mind for harmonic parts that come unexpected but never sound out of place.

Let's hope that next time Satanic Angel will enter the studio as a band, record more than just four songs, have a competent producer on their side, and I am quite sure that their next album will be a milestone that no fan of ultimate technical death metal will want to miss. Meanwhile you have to decide for yourself if the bad sound will hinder you to access the really extremely versatile songwriting skills of Satanic Angel.

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