SAVAGE BLADE - We Are The Hammer

Savage Blade - We Are The Hammer

11 songs
53:01 minutes
***** ***
Pure Steel


Savage Blade from Canada are definitely aspiring to win an award for having the homepage with the coolest name, which in this case is identical to their debut’s title. This very young band has only been around since early 2008, but still manage to sound like a US metal band of the early Eighties. But also NWOBHM is a strong influence here, although they claim that their biggest heroes are American hard rockers Triumph.

The music is mostly played at a brisk pace and has a high amount of catchiness. You may label this as classical or old-fashioned, but genre aficionados will get their money’s worth with the splendidly structured material. The songs contain a whole lot of strong riffs and pace changes, and even their mid-tempo material, like Night Of The Blade and Crowfoot, shows the band from an able side. Savage Blade can call themselves lucky by having a highly gifted vocalist who furthermore raises the overall quality level. Magic Of The Night stands out from the remaining tracks as it offers rather Seventies tinted hard rock that reminds a little of Rainbow. The longer The Eagle Is Stranded which nearly became an instrumental has also no problems in reaching the high standard set by the other pieces. Even the outro Opus Of Fire works as a perfect chill-out to this truly special metal album.

We Are The Hammer is anything but stale, but rather a wonderful tribute to the early days of heavy metal. Nostalgic fans are well advised to try to get their hands on the vinyl version which is limited to 500 copies. The more future oriented metal fan can even get a USM stick version in MP3 format.

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