SCARRED - New Filth Order

Scarred - New Filth Order

12 songs
58:51 minutes
***** ***


It is not a too well known fact that the musicians of Scarred started out already in 2000 under the name Requiem. That’s probably because the name Scarred has become in no time at all a trademark name in the Luxembourgish metal scene, mostly due to their active presence on local stages. Therefore it was not too surprising that 500 people showed up at the release party in the Rockhal of the debut CD New Filth Order.

The first track on the record is a data track not supposed to be played on your CD player, and is followed by a short hour of music that proves effortlessly the wide stylistic range of Luxembourg’s most promising metal band.

Scarred oscillate smartly between thrash and death metal, with the melodic and aggressive parts presented in more or less equal proportions. Always worrying to keep their music busy, Scarred have filled their songs with strong riffs, furious blast speed attacks and an overall smart instrumentation. Especially the harmonic interaction of the two guitars and the double bass filled drumming manage to stand out. The raw vocals, coming across like a mix of Phil Anselmo and James Hetfield, fits perfectly into the overall sound. The variety of their sound is another strong point of Scarred. Next to stomping thrashers (Catharsis) are rougher excursions (Purify), but also more solemn moments. Personal favourites are the small hymn Outcast and the fantastically grooving Antimony which reminds me a little of their compatriots Abstract Rapture. Absolute highlight is the six minute long Trepidation which shows the band from its most psychotic and playful side. There are no weak moments to be located anywhere, although Trick 1.52 and Ground Zero can’t hold the same level, without scratching though the overall very positive impression.

Scarred very recently won the Metal Battle contest at the Kulturfabrik, and definitely don’t have to hide behind the foreign competition. New Filth Order could have taken advantage from a more compact running time, but I am certain that we will hear a lot of this band in the future.

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