SCARS OF TOMORROW - The Horror Of Realization

Scars Of Tomorrow - The Horror Of Realization

11 songs
36:31 minutes
***** ***


Scars Of Tomorrow's Victory debut but third album Rope Tied To The Trigger was an album that fascinated me very much, although metal core is meanwhile a very common genre. So I was eager to hear what's on their follow-up The Horror Of Realization. My first impression was slight disappointment. Without being a bad album, it was hard to find real highlights on it.

But the fourth CD by Scars Of Tomorrow needs some time investing, and after two more runs, I began to like it. The main difference to their last album is that the new one is much more upbeat and harder. The opener and video edit The Constant Horror Of Reality is nothing else but a pure smasher right into your face. The album contains other brutal songs like Murderers And Madmen, a more old school track and my personal favourite, The Unknown and The Struggle, two suitable lessons to explain what wrath is about.

Although there is a fierce side to Scars Of Tomorrow, you find surprisingly melodic and atmospheric parts on the record. The False Love In Lust and The Hidden Grudge (featuring Alex Varkatzas of Atreyu on vocals) are two examples showing a great combination of midtempo metalcore with cleaner parts. Less exciting are the two more experimental sound collages 4Smtih and


I'm glad to see that there are still bands trying to play original metalcore. Scars Of Tomorrow are among the best of that genre and they are ready to share the throne with top acts like Atreyu, Unearth or Most Precious Blood.

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