Second Base - Recover

5 songs
14:40 minutes
***** **


After a demo, a split-release and a full-length, The Belgian No FX disciples Second Base are back with a rather short EP with the rather short title Recover. The five songs demonstrate concisely the band’s qualities.

The opener You’re The Kill reminds strongly of the songs from the previous CD The Risk To Lose It All and other Belgian bands like Confuse The Cat and Sixtoys. Princess Sparkle and Generation Lost are cruder and straighter and reveal the No FX influence. The catchy Addendum is the highlight on the EP, with its perfect airplay compatible attitude. Offspring wouldn’t have done this better! The EP ends with the fast The One That Could Have Been which puts more emphasis on pop than aggression.

Second Base haven’t become more original or dynamic since their last release. The short running time prevents the band from sounding monotonous, something which was at times the case on their last CD. Recover is an agreeable product, but due to the immense competition on the market, it is questionable if there are many people willing to invest more time into Second Base.

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