SEDAN VAULT - Mardi Gras Of The Sisypha

Sedan Vault - Mardi Gras Of The Sisypha

6 songs
33:36 minutes
***** ****


I vaguely remember having seen this band a couple of months ago playing their asses off in a small pub in the South of Luxembourg, in front of not too many people, if my memory serves me right. I was rather excited already back then and was disappointed to learn that The Sedan Vault from Belgium hadn't released an album yet.

This has now changed with Mardi Gras Of The Sisypha, proving once again the Belgium pop phenomenon, with hardly any good bands in the French speaking Walloon part of the country, therefore having an incredibly high concentration of extraordinary bands in the Flemish part. The Sedan Vault must have invested a lot of money, energy and talent into their debut album. The six songs make it to something over half an hour, illustrating a hard to understand concept that reminds me (and probably not only me) a lot of the early Mars Volta. And there we have it! Without wanting to call them copycats, a lot of what's behind The Sedan Vault reminds a lot of the American rock innovators: arty cover concept, cryptic lyrics, intense music which jumps from one genre to another, glass clear vocals that are very emotional without ever being emo,...

Of course you can say that just by being original, a band risks these days to be compared to the aforementioned band. The Sedan Vault therefore have a straighter attitude towards music, they don't need Santana guitars and free jazz elements to extend an otherwise good album to eighty minutes. Of course Mardi Gras Of The Sisypha could have been ten to twenty minutes longer, but the six songs contained here (apart from the last couple of enervating minutes) are some of the best music ever to emerge from Belgium and certainly the best from their label. The album should be listened as a whole. The songs, while always retaining an idea of accessibility, are still full of ideas that make you discover new elements every time you listen to them. The production is glass clear and full of necessary punch, giving equal amounts of space to the searing guitar, the atmospheric synths and the driving rhythm section.

The only reason I don't give the maximum rating is that I consider this debut release as an appetiser of further and even better things to come. Unlike Mars Volta, The Sedan Vault haven't forgotten their roots yet, and never mistake ambition with pretension. Very highly recommended!

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