SEED FROM THE GEISHA - Talk Peace To The Wolf

Seed From The Geisha - Talk Peace To The Wolf

9 songs
41:14 minutes
***** ****
M & O Music


I can’t repeat often enough that the recent French metal scene is full of hot new discoveries. Seed From The Geisha have been around since 2008 and now ready for their debut album Talk Peace To The Wolf. The five musicians are no real newcomers though as they were all involved in more or less unsuccessful bands in the past.

Maybe their fate will change with Seed From The Geisha who has definitely enough potential. It’s hard to peg down the band to one musical direction, although they are dwelling most of the time between rock and metal, leaving them enough space for variety. They are clearly inspired by American music, and it wouldn’t be too wrong to see them as a harder Alter Bridge. The music feels modern and contemporary, and occasionally even displays signs of mass compatibility. Even though at times they are acting more quietly, all the songs featured on Talk Peace To The Wolf have the necessary drive to keep up suspense. I want to point out the excellent guitar work that reminds me of certain post rock bands. Especially Father and Vampire Youth underline Seed From The Geisha’s virtuosity. The singer does a great job by recalling memories of King’s X and the later Beatles. As a contrast the band lets it all loose as can be heard on Deliverance, although this track is exceptional. Usually the musicians prefer to dish up a mix of quietly melancholic and more upbeat parts. It’s astonishing how many different parts they are putting into every single track. The string section on Shades is another unexpected touch. The band can even come up with experimental ideas as on Soma which could be labelled a screamo ballad.

Fans of Alter Bridge, Incubus, Shinedown, King’s X and similar rock bands might very well find a lot to like with Seed From The Geisha. It’s not easy nowadays to stand out among the myriad of new bands, but these Frenchmen do their very best to be heard!

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