Seizure Crypt - Under The Gun

9 songs
21:22 minutes
***** ****
Bad Elephant


Bands that take twenty-one minutes to play nine songs normally are of the quicker persuasion. Therefore your first minute with Seizure Crypt will leave you rather nonplussed, as the weirdly titled opener 634-75(1,2) The Phone Number To Madness starts out very quietly, although its strange kind of humour should already prepare for things to come. And you will not be disappointed, as the track soon speeds considerably up, thrashing out something we used to call thrashcore or crossover in the late Eighties and early Nineties.

You might counter that lately lots of metal bands are going back to the roots, but Seizure Crypt do sound different. Although there music is fast and distorted, they never neglect the punk ingredient. The humorous delivery is the grain of salt that gives the dish its special flavour. Although they are hardly doing anything new, they pleasantly recall obscure acts from long time ago that also had no respect for the earnestness of heavy metal music. Just like Cryptic Slaughter, Wehrmacht, The Accüsed, Ludichrist and many others about three decades ago, Seizure Crypt play fast music whose main goal is to give their audience a great time.

Under The Gun is already the third CD by Seizure Crypt, and it shows. They have no problems uniting sizzling sharp playing with their refreshing tongue-in-cheek attitude. You will only regret that this great fun album already ends after such a short time, but then you can still get their back catalogue. This is retro core at its best and most entertaining!

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