SENDELICA - Spaceman Bubblegum And Other Weird Tales From The Mercury Mind

Sendelica - Spaceman Bubblegum And Other Weird Tales From The Mercury Mind

7 songs
58:06 minutes
***** ***


Welsh psyche rockers probably want to win an award for longest album title of the year. After releasing an EP and a longplayer on a small label, they are now back with their second album on the Russian psychedelic prog label RAIG, making them probably also the first Western European band on their roster.

Recorded in just one day, Spaceman Bubbleman hasn’t become the mess you could have expected. Drawing from their live experiences, Sendelica start the album off with the short and moody Sunfazed before they add some stead with the longer Spaceman Bubblegum #2 that has some nice rocking guitars. The following 12 minute epic It’s A Neu! Thing owes its name to the German kraut rock legend, although the bass line reminds me of Hawkwind’s Silver Machine. Two further long songs elaborate on that tasty impro sound, combining elements of psychedelia, Seventies hard rock and the occasional dub elements.

The CD ends with two songs that were previously released on the EP and the debut album. Strangely these tracks are more introspective and mellower, lacking the rock power of the first three quarters of an hour. If this is meant as a chill out after the no-holds-barred psyche rock session before, it definitely works.

It seems as if Sendelica always have a couple of ideas for every song, around which they create agile improvisations that work all the time, proving that these are musicians that understand each other’s ideas and who are used to playing together. I often have my problems with free-form music, because all too often, it ends up in self-indulgent navel gazing, but the Welsh three-piece Sendelica are a welcome exception, making Spaceman Bubblegum an interesting addition for fans of Hawkwind, Gong and Seventies psyche and kraut rock generally.

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