SENDELICA - Streamedelica, She Sighed As She Hit Rewind On The Dream Mangler Remote

Sendelica - Streamedelica, She Sighed As She Hit Rewind On The Dream Mangler Remote

7 songs
62:08 minutes
***** ****


Welsh psychedelic rockers Sendelica are back with their fourth album, and they haven’t broken the custom of choosing very long titles. I liked their two previous records already quite a lot, but it seems as if they have surpassed themselves this time. It’s not as if that much has changed, but a more coherent feeling towards their often improvised modus operandi makes this a more varied and therefore more accessible effort.

The CD starts with the strange Song Of The Seidr, an electro-acoustic venture which is rather untypical for the band. But don’t worry, as the following Dream Mangler shows us the band the way we know and have come to appreciate them. Heavy psychedelic rock pushes us deep into the Seventies, but occasional dub moments make sure that Sendelica haven’t lost their love for crossovering. What comes next is next to unbelievable: the nearly ten minute long Screaming And Streaming Into The Starless Nite, previously featured on their freely downloadable same-titled EP earlier this year, is some of the best psychedelia I have heard in a long time. Maybe that’s because the musicians are acting with a maximum degree of focus, bringing this long track into the vicinity of vintage prog rock, culminating in furious saxophone and theremin solos. Carningly (Hill Of Angels) is a short yet beautiful ambient break before the album’s magnum opus Day Of The Locust, a twenty-five minute monster that may start out rather well behaved but soon finds its way into no-holds-barred guitar driven psyche rock as if Hawkwind were jamming with Black Sabbath. Great stuff! Another short ambient tune (Power Of The Sea) ensues, before the record ends on another fitting rocker: Spacehopper Blues.

There is a lot that Sendelica have done this time better than in the past. The choice of juxtapose longish psychedelish rock, more experimental material full of ambient and electro-acoustics and a truly monstrous improvised jam guarantees that there is something for everyone and not an ounce of boredom. Psychedelic rock fans and those who curious about out-of-this-world sonic exploration should definitely get their hands on this fine piece of music.

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