SENDELICA - The Girl From The Future Who Lit Up The Sky With Golden Worlds

Sendelica - The Girl From The Future Who Lit Up The Sky With Golden Worlds

7 songs
58:36 minutes
***** **


The Welsh language is known to have some really long words. Maybe this explains why Sendelica from Wales are into long album titles. After Spaceman Bubblegum And Other Weird Tales From The Mercury Mind from 2007, the quartet is back with The Girl From The Future Who Lit Up The Sky With Golden Worlds, an album that doesn’t essentially change their recipe. Starting with the three minute short Standing On The Edge, you might get the impression that Sendelica are into classical psyche rock, but the following Manhole Of The Universe displays for twelve whole minutes that improvisation is still the main force behind their music.

Inspired by very early Pink Floyd and Hawkwind, the band conjures a freewheeling psychedelic sound which is based on the typical power trio instrumentation of guitar, bass and drums, and then spice it up with a whole lot of electronics that add a wobbling atmosphere with the aim to abduct their audience into an acid drenched multicoloured wonderland. Strangely enough, this works better towards the end of the album. The short opener is followed by three long-tracks that are all nice to listen to, but somehow lack direction. The three last songs jack up the quality level incredibly. The Girl From The Future is an introspective five minute stroll, followed by the concise rocker Glory Bee with a mighty power riff that carries the song over the finish line. The album ends with the epically titled Several Species Of Furry Humans Gathered Together In A Cave Grooving Like Groovy Picts, a fourteen minute psychedelic journey that starts out quietly enough, builds up momentum and erupts eventually into a kaleidoscopic crescendo. Especially the featured saxophone adds another, jazzier dimension to the mix.

Fans of improvised psychedelic rock with a definite penchant for jam sessions should check out The Girl From The Future…, although everyone into Seventies revivalism might get something out of this obscure Welsh band signed on a Russian label. A limited edition comes with Sendelica’s cyber-trash documentary SleepWalker Fever that shows the band apparently from a more experimental side.

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