SEPTEMBER MURDER - He Who Invokes Decadence

September Murder - He Who Invokes Decadence

8 songs
50:10 minutes
***** ****
(self released)


September Murder is a German death metal band which was founded in 2005. On their second album He Who Invokes Darkness, the four musicians take care not to restrict themselves to their genre’s typical elements, which is straightaway the reason why they succeed in distinguishing themselves from the majority of death metal bands. Unlike their debut Agony In Flesh from 2009 which was released on a small label, the new album has been self-released.

It is rather unusual that the album contains only eight songs but still makes it to a generous fifty minutes. This is due to the fact that the band loves to experiment by playing around with the most diverse influences. The only classical touch on the album are the vocals. They may be growls the way they can be heard on many other death metal productions, but still they have been done very well and of course fit the style.

Right away on the opener Under Severed Skies, it becomes obvious that September Murder offer powerful and ultra-brutal death metal. The band comes with extremely fast blast moments that will keep you breathless. If you take care to listen closer, you will discover technical finesses that will also occur on the album’s other tracks. The band just loves to play with opposites and consequently adds so many breaks and changes into their songs which therefore often have a long running time. Two pieces even cross the ten minute border. On the title track, this modus operandi works 100%. This song takes all its energy from the countless mood changes, and its doomy end offers a perfect conclusion to an excellent album. The single Among Vultures starts out great, but the gloomy instrumental part seems a little too long. Apart from this and the short electronic instrumental From Adoration… are the only points of criticism on this album that otherwise sets an incredibly high standard. I also want to highlight May Conviction Force Reckoning where a relaxed and slightly jazzy part is followed by a furious grindcore eruption.

September Murder have shown that even after more than two decades it is still possible to breathe new life into the death metal genre. The musicians know exactly what they want. Despite being thought through from beginning to end, the songs never feel convoluted or cramped, but come across as an entity. September Murder have shown with their second album that they have all it takes to play in the death metal premiere league.

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