SEPTIC FLESH - Sumerian Daemons

Septic Flesh - Sumerian Daemons

13 songs
56:09 minutes
***** ****


Normally intros on metal albums are quite superficial, but Septic Flesh show that it is also possible to produce quite a bombastic one. The first real song Unbeliever is a logical suite to the intro. Bombastic monumental soundtrack-like tunes get combined with very brutal death metal riffs. This sounds very unusual, but also interesting. Especially the use of a mixed male and female choir gives nearly each song the certain touch that goes below the skin. It's great how Septic Flesh are able to combine brutality with melodies, and this all enriched with opera and symphonic parts. Although Septic Flesh are a pure metal band, their sound shows some parallels to the Sisters Of Mercy or Fields Of The Nephilim, however played in a more extreme and metallic way. A song like When All Is None underlines the band's openness to gothic elements and has created a very dark atmosphere. Mechanical Babylon is a little industrial surprise. As Septic Flesh were already formed back in 1990, they may be called a Greek institution, but they are still able to play innovative metal after more than 13 years of band existence. The album also takes advantage of a huge sound. It was recorded in the Swedish Fredman Studio which is also frequented by bands like In Flames or Hammerfall. I haven't been very familiar with them so far, but now they are one of my favourite metal bands.

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