SERENITY - Fallen Sanctuary

Serenity - Fallen Sanctuary

10 songs
50:04 minutes


Austrian metal band Serenity started in 2001. After two self-released CDs, their third album Words Untold & Dreams Unlived on Napalm Records didn’t get high grades on this homepage, and their fourth album Fallen Sanctuary doesn’t fare better.

Serenity are still to heavily influenced by Symphony X, Treshold and Sonata Arctica. At times it sounds as if they are deliberately copying their sounds. I don’t even start to compare them to Dream Theater, because there are galaxies lying between those two bands. Serenity style themselves a symphonic metal band, and they try to let their songs sound epic, but somehow the spark never jumps over. Their compositions lack power and sound too tame. Even the occasional growls on Rust Of Coming Ages and Oceans Of Ruby feel out of place. The opener All Lights Reserved is really bad melodic metal that reminds of Eighties hair metal bands like Europe and TNT. The exaggerated choirs come across way too cheesy. The ballad Fairytales is another crime of kitsch, and even Elis vocalist Sandra Schleret can’t save much here.

They try hard to add variety into their songwriting, but their outdated and hardly inspired character can’t win me over. Only Velatum convinces, as the band is actually quite original for once and doesn’t remind me of any other artists. Especially the double bass drum attacks are standing out.

Serenity need to become harder if there should be any chance for me to like their music. But I doubt that they plan to do that, as there is still a market for their kind of mellow melodic metal. Unfortunately for them, this is no such place!

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