SERGE TONNAR - Pärele bei d’Sei

Serge Tonnar - Pärele bei d’Sei

11 songs
45:06 minutes
***** ***


Fashions come, fashions go, only Serge Tonnar stays. Starting in the Eighties with Blue Screw, this proliferous artist has tried nearly every musical genre with his subsequent bands Battaklang, Taboola Rasa and Zap Zoo, finally coming back with a solo album in the truest sense of the word, as he has composed and recorded everything by himself. Pärele bei d’Sei shows two sides of Serge Tonnar: one of them is the cynical observer, the other one is the introspective adult. Especially the former persona ambushes us with songs that seem on the surface quite funny, but scratching the surface, you see a bleak reality underneath which probably can only be masked by a strong sense of blackest humour. Already the opener Wiessel mol d’Scheiw shows the narrator getting angry at the ever same discourses of his boss, just to be shown later on by his son that he plays the same role towards him. Ai Podjolsk is a folk song in mock Russian, where Luxembourgish words sneak into the lyrics. Wann d’Cannabis grouss sinn is a hilarious essay about what happens when the children leave the house… only to burden the grand-parents again with their grand-children. De leschte Slow is one of the more personal love songs. Nicely done, but without the acerbic wit of the preceding tracks. In that respect, Serge Tonnar is some kind of Luxembourgish answer to the late Rio Reiser who also knew how to switch between irony and earnestness. Diskothéik is a hilarious take at discos, except with a certain Eighties touch. Kiermes a mengem Duerf is another melancholic allegory. Futtis Loscht has been recorded live at the Inouï in Redange. Al Kollegen, Bassdebekifft? and Vum Herrgott e Kuss end the CD in the typical bitter-yet-humorous Serge Tonnar trademark.

The music is surprisingly elaborated, considering it’s been recorded all by the artist himself. His slow blues rock roots dwindle lately in favour of more Eastern folk influences, which underlines the sad undertone of the CD. Pärele bei d’Sei will paint a smile across your face, just to wipe it away again when you see through the upper layer of the lyrics. A CD-ROM part contains the video clip of an older track, Kosovomoss, directed by his brother Yann Tonnar, making a sweet short movie to the lyrics. Pärele bei d’Sei cements Serge Tonnar’s reputation as Luxembourg’s most sincere troubadour.

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