SERMEQ - Nautilus

Sermeq - Nautilus

8 songs
34:44 minutes
***** **


Sermeq is one of the most consistent electro artists in Luxembourg. Although his first musical steps as the lead singer for electro trashers Schweinepest in the early 2000’s showed him from a humorous side, he soon started a more or less solo career and is now back with his fourth album Nautilus, released on the Luxembourgish net label Schnurstrax and consequently available as a free download.

Unlike many other electronically inclined musicians, Sermeq is not so much about providing big beats, instead he is seemingly more influenced by the mellower sequencer school of the Seventies, and also a certain fondness for Eighties new wave sounds can hardly be denied. The eight tracks on Nautilus sometimes border on the kitschy, and a song title like Sophrology underlines the new agey undercurrent that seems to run through his music. But it speaks for Sermeq that after all these years, he has accumulated enough experience and maturity to compile sound that taken together make for an interesting listening experience. You get warm synthesizer carpets, laid back beats, ethno instrumentation and vocal samples that coalesce into Sermeq’s own sonic universe. This time he hired the services of Lisa Berg who adds her cello loops to some of the tracks (We Should Feel The Same (Again), To Lilia). Plankton Waves’ Helena Dyboek sings on Traces, the only non-instrumental piece on the album.

Nautilus ends after thirty-five minutes, not a long running time for an album, but in this case we can conclude that the artist has made his case. Once again Sermeq has cemented his status as somewhat of an outsider in the more dance oriented local electro scene, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is a skilled artist with a determined musical vision.

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